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Shadow on the Wall


We are aware that some of you may fully resonate with our vision, in the mentime, due to different circumstances, not being in the position to be part of it, yet would still like to support us in a way or another.

We are exited to let you know that we set up an account where you can send your contribution to support and in this way, still be part of this movement.

Let us tell you how your contibution will help us in reaching our goal:

We are not a big construction group, nor a business firm, neither a big scale farm,

we simply aim to spread the natural living wisdom by teaching people how to do so or, at best,

by building/creating an enviroment for them where to start a self-sustainable and natural journey. 

We survive (monetarly and bureaucratically) of workshops fees, recently also from private building projects, and we are now expanding the space to provide private lodging.

All jobs that are quite challenging to finilize due to different accessibility of our locaction and our non-mainstream offers.

Therefore, to help us bring the vision further you can step in by extending a monetary contribution through the "Donate" button below to help us meet the exspenses of our eco-vision that will lead us to our goal of full self-sufficiency


Our vision doesn't stop at becoming fully self-sufficient, but it goes further, aiming to create a solid self-sufficiency-models from which other individuals or small communities can take inspiration from and apply it their own. The vision is to create a butterfly effect, in order to truly inspire people to make the change that we so strongly need to see in this distractive, polluting and oppressive modern world.

But we need to start and keep pushing from somewhere, and your contribution can be truly essential to keep the movement alive.

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