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Light and Shadow


As we all may know, the health of our natural environment has been strongly jeopardised by our modern/western way of living - driven by consumerism, causing pollution and waste.

Our homes and personal lifestyle being one of the main sources of environmental disruption.

As a few of too many examples, symbolic and telling facts:

an average of 7 precious litres of water are wasted at every toilet's flush...

 An uncountable amount of landscapes and indigenous people have been dispached to build dam for

individuals' electrical toaster, laundry machine, mixer, dish washer etc...

A huge amount of CO2 is destroying the atmosphere due to the millions of tons of cement used to build an avarage apartment, garage, or even a school.

The problem is not the product per se, but  its production , which is strictly connected to what Mahatma used to say:

''earth provides enough for everyone's need but not everyone's greed''


This modern/post colonial world is clearly based on poluting, unethical and explotative principles.

Yet, if we want to see change, we first need to become the change that we want to see.

By changing our personal vision, approach and mindset in our everyday life's decision, such as where and how to reside and live.


Here we truly belive that body, mind and spirit are interconnected. And that our environment, starting with our home, surely influences our choices and way of being.


As Gutama once said:

''We cannot even understand one leaf without considering the wind, the sun and the water.''

And here is where our vision is expanding to:

supporting people willing to make the change and relocate into their sustainable natural home and sustainable way of living, here in Ghana. We’re offering the planning and building of a home that provides your immediate connection to the natural environment and a practical, sustainable lifestyle. Using natural building techniques and recycled materials.


If you are considering the building of your own, simple, customised eco-friendly house, you can fill the form below.

Please enter your contact details and a brief introduction of your sustainable vision. 

We will get back to you as soon as possible. 



''It took the crazy people of yesterday for us to act with extreme clarity today. I want to be one of those crazy people.

We have to have the courage to invent our future''

-Thomas Sankara'-

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