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Our programs consist of workshops-like formats in order to allow people to understand the significance of Natural Living/Creating/Building through sensing various materials used, how they are prepared, hands-on experience on indigenous techniques, observe and be part of real-life experimentations and projects. More than this, participants can connect with other like-minded people. And their staying will be completely immersed in the natural enviroment, allowing the experience to touch deeper sides of oneself.

The programs will take place in the very ancestral land located in Eastern region.

(Approx 1.5 hr from Accra Kokota airport).

Our workshop can last from 1 day (no over night stay)  to 10 days (accomoations included).

Workshops are opend to everyone regardless of the profession they belong to, age or gender. Anyone interested can attend the course and learn about the simple and rich methods. To keep in mind that the workshops will not only be theoretical but especially practical. Since here, we belive that the best way to learn is by doing.
We encourage anybody to be part of this course as it integrates everyone in nature and shows a path to how buildings can be made and life could be lived by causing less harm to the environment. (It is very suitable for childrens and families)


-Terra Cotta Pottery
This activity will cover the process of harversting the clay straight from the ground, mixing, molding,drying and curing, all the way until the baking process 

-Earth-Bag Building
This activity will cover how to integrate recyled plastic bags and how they can be applied in nowadays off-grid bulidng. Understanging and practicing the importance of ground foundation, barbed wire application, and all the needed techniques in order to build with earth bags.

-Natural Building

This activity will cover how to build with local natural resources as clay, sand, cow dung or straws. Understanding how to apply them, in which circumstances and their own properties. 


This activity will cover how to plant seeds, transplanting babies trees and the various componets of organic and sustainable farming.


This activity will cover the aspect of processing natural resources into fine foo, cospetics an builing equipments. 

-Cocoa, from Fruit to Bar

This activity will cover the whole theoretical and practical (and also ethical) topic of Cocoa. Learning how to harvest it, how to process it and how to make a cacao bar will be part of this workshop.

-Herbal Medicine

This activity will cover the beautiful and powerful secrets of local plants and their healing properties.

*this is a general overview of the activities we are running throughtout our various workshops.

Not all our workshops will offer these activities all-together. 



(for multiples days workshops only)

-Private Dome


-Camping Tent

All our accomodations are provided with a sahring Open Dining Hall, Compost Toilet and Open Shower (bucket system), the Private Dome is provided with privite Open Shower (Bucket System)

Breakfst, Lunch and Dinner are includedfor all participants 

Local dishes prepeared by our local Chef with local ingredietns.

(Please comunicate to us in case of food allergies before your arrival)